Wohao Electrical Co. Ltd. Insists on proving clients with high-value electrical components and combinations which have corrosion resistance, long service life, low maintenance cost and environmental safety. From design planning to installation of finished components, Wohao Electrical offers users with a lot of rationalization space. Users can optimize workflows, improve operational security, and reduce work costs.   


     Corrosion can damage equipment and result in downtime. The cost of maintenance and repairs is often very high.  

     This is why stainless steel wiring systems designed for harsh environments are the prior material to choice for a variety of industries. 

     Wohao team has been specialized in stainless steel industrial for 15 years. Our stainless steel products are widely used in many industries: chemical industrial, power industry, food machinery industry, medicine industry, new energy industry, automation industry, etc. 

Food industry:

Clealines and hygiene are of great importance in the food,beverage and daiy environment. Cleaners and chemicaldisinfectants can quickly_corrodeoquipment and promote bacterial growth, which finally results in food contamination.Compared wih traditional galvanited,, aluminum and PC Ccoatedcondult systems,, Wohao stainless steel hoses,ftings and accessories can wthstand the acbdic conment of these chemicalscommonly used in flusingenvironments and prowide better quality of performance.

Paper industry:

Stainless steel is widely used in pulp and paper applications because of its good mechanical properties and liquid resistance.These benefits will become even more important as pulp mills enter bio-refining area

The properties of stainless steel protect the final product from contamination and resist process corrosion.

While the process is standard at all mills, there can be small differences between mills that may affect the extent of corrosion.

Stainless steel s ability to withstand these differences in a stable,uniform manner makes it the most reliable choice for these applications.

Wastewater treatment industry:

Waste water treatment plants(wwTP)have grown substantilla as the Type 304 and type 316 grades are increasingly ued a standard bulding materals duoto their superior performance and cost saving factors.

A sewage treatment plant is a complex,sophisticated system with a high level of standards for the entire plant,including technical intlations.The materials needed to build a sewage treatment plant must be able to withstand varlous corrosive conditions.

There is no better material than stainless steel for a clean,economical and environmentally -friendly factory.

Stainless steel will improve efficiency,reduce maintenance and,in many cases,provide the most cost effective solution.

Energy industry:

Whether energy is produced from nuclear,fosil or renewable sources,sarety.long-trm value and eficiency are the core cocerms for enegy and powr ganeationcompanies.And the nuclear industry demands absolute reliability.T hese characteristics are provided by quality stainless steel.

Stainlessteelis now widely used in the power generation industry to prevent corrosion especall at high temperatures n paticular trpe 304 and316 stailesseel aused for high temperature, strength and oxidation resistance in fossil fuel power plants.

The nuclear power industry also uses a lot of stainesteel, usully orpowergeneration andradiation protection. Steam and gasturbinesalo ue stines srebecause oits resistance to corrosion and heat.

More industies are also sultable for stainless steel,like aviation,chemical,medical, etc.Stainless steel can withstand corrosion in water,gas or hightemperature environment.Bbesides, there are some other advantages such as sanitation,protection,salety,easy to disinfect,easy to clean, damageresistance and high strength.