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Delivery date?

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Environmental safety ?

Stainless steel maintains structure and corrosion resistance from low temperature to hundreds of degrees without burning and emitting dangerous smoke and carcinogens. In addition, stainless steel is recyclable.

Low maintenance cost?

Among many applications, stainless steel has the lowest maintenance cost and total life cycle cost compared with any other conduit material. This is due to the durability of stainless steel. It is more durable than other materials and requires little maintenance. Also stainless section is easy to install.

Long lifespan?

Stainless steel wiring systems typically can be used more than 50 years, reducing the cost of expensive maintenance and replacement. By using stainless material it can provide long-term protection for the facility and optimize equipment investment.

Corrosion resistance?

304 and 316 stainless steels perform excellent corrosion resistance in extreme temperatures and most industrial environments. When scratched, the metal exposed to stainless steel will finish self-repair and oxidize during the whole process to prevent further corrosion.